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Private tour Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum

You can squeeze three astonishing sights and a whole lot of history and geology into one day here.
Our Sorrento Private Tour is between 8-9 hours from your hotel and includes:Pompeii the largest roman ruins,Vesuvius is the vulcano symbol of Naples,Herculaneum ruins the most preserve roman ruins city.
Our Private day Tour itineraries are completely flexible and can be changed to your wishes

The Pompeii, Vesuvius, Herculaneum Tour will begin with us picking you up from your hotel, we will leave in the direction of Pompeii
Your Private Driver Guide will make stops for you to take photos of the beautiful view of Naples and Versuvio from the coastal road

Pompeii. The private tour starts

Pompeii Private Tour from Sorrento
When we arrive in Pompeii, we will stop for a couple of hours at the famous ruins of Pompeii The Scavi.
The Roman town of Pompeii, on the volcano’s southern slopes, was cought unawares by a massive eruption in AD 79, which smothered the town, its people and their goods and chattels. preserved for centuries, the site has been, and continues to be, excavated, so as you walk up and down the street you can peer into shop and private homes, read advertisements and graffiti and generally get a unique picture of daily life in Roman times.
When we leave Pompeii we will head to Vesuvius.
We drive to the top of the Vesuvio but before we arrive at the ticket office where you will begin your climb.
Your Private driver will stop in some terraces along the road so you can admire the view of the entire Naples bay.

Vesuvius. Second Stop of Tour

Vesuvius Private Tours from Sorrento
Our Private Driver will stop in the front of office ticket, from there you walk up to along the slopes of Vesuvius to arrive on the crater rim.
The duration of the walk is approximately 30 – 40 minutes.
Mount Vesuvius is one of the most known volcano in history and one of the most dangerous because still active.The Vesuvius, just upon the Gulf of Naples, erupting in 1944, blasted open the cone and the plume of smoke that has always been the symbol of imminent peril, disappeared too.If you reach the crater, you will see a wonderful landscape of Naples and if atmospheric conditions allow it, you will see the Isle of Capri and the Isle of Procida.
Your Driver Guide will recommend a fantastic restaurant for the well earned lunch
After lunch your driver will take you for a gelato before your 2 hour stop at the Herculaneum ruins

Herculaneum last stop of the trip

Herculaneum Tours
This interesting archeological site of Herculaneum is often bypassed for the more glamorous Pompeii, but the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79 that buried Pompeii also submerged Herculaneum, preserving both settlements.
Probably the most famous of the well-preserved houses is Villa dei Papiri, the home of a rich and powerful Roman statesman, thought to be either Lucio Pisone, Julius Caesar’s father in law, or his son.
More than 50 marble and 20 bronze sculpture were found in the villa, together with an amazing collection of 1,700 greek and Roman papyri.
The villa and Roman thetheatre can only be visited by advance booking.
Other highlight include the casa del Atrio Mosaico, with its beautufully preserved mosaic flooring.


  • The Itinerary for Pomepii Vesuvius Herculaneum Tour is totally flexible and can be changed to your requirements.
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes as most of the streets are cobbled and inclined
  • If visiting churches you may have to dress appropriately
  • Please bring with you sunscreen and hat to avoid any sun burn
  • All our Private cars have air-conditioning
  • All our Private cars are fully insured
  • All our Private Drivers are native Italians that speak English and are very experienced and knowledgeable
  • Our Private Drivers will be happy to recommend restaurants to suit your dining preference

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    Info of tour

    Duration: 8 - 9 hours

    Tour from Sorrento

    Start: 8.30 a.m. (suggested)

    Available: All year round


    • Air conditioned Mercedes car/van
    • English speaking driver native italian
    • All tolls, tax, parking, gasoline

    Not included

    • Entrance tickets for Pompeii and Herculaneum ruins
    • Lunch