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shore excursion caserta and pompeii from naples

This shore excursion of Caserta Royal Palace & Pompeii takes you to the lavish gardens of the Palace and the historical ruins of Pompeii, both experiences rich in its own way
Our Shore excursion is between 8-9 hours from Naples Port starting at 8.00am and includes: Caserta Royal Palace, Pompeii ruins


Shore Excursion from Naples

Pompeii is the most famous and important archaeological center of Italy in the world.In AD 79 the Vesuvius erupted and the whole city and its inhabitants were completely submerged by cinder and ash. When the ruins of Pompeii were discovered around 1750, it seemed as a frozen city.The bodies of people were found along with their houses, temples, works of art and everyday objects. Visiting Pompeii is highly recommended, to discover the patrician villas, the House of the Mysteries, the House of Vettii and the House of the Faun. You can also choose to do a night-itinerary, being surprised by suggestive sounds and voices while walking around the ancient buildings.


Shore excursion royal caserta palace from Naples

The home of the Royal Palace which was the former royal residence in Caserta, constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples, It was the largest palace and one of the largest buildings erected in Europe during the 18th century. In 1997 the Palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, described in its nomination as “the swan song of the spectacular art of the Baroque”, One of the highlights of the palace is the 120 hectares of the garden with succession of meadows and spectacular sculptured ornament fountains.
Casertavecchia, a village in the north of Caserta, Its name translated from Italian means “Old Caserta”.
which is an Italian medieval village that lies at the foot of the Tifatini Mountains located 10 km north-east of the City of Caserta at an altitude of approximately 401 meters. Sites worth visiting consist of the church, its bell tower, and the remains of the original castle.


  • The Itinerary for the Shore excursion of Pompeii & Caserta Royal Palace is totally flexible and can be changed to your requirements.
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes as most of the streets are cobbled and inclined
  • If visiting churches you may have to dress appropriately
  • Please bring with you sunscreen and hat to avoid any sun burn
  • We always ensure we drop you off one and a half hours prior to your ship sailing

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Info of tour

Duration: 8 hours

Tour from Naples port

Start: 8.00 A.M.

Available: All year round


  • Air conditioned vehicle Mercedes car/van
  • English speaking driver native Italian.
  • All tolls, tax, parking, gasoline

Not included

  • Entrance tickets for Pompeii ruins and Caserta Royal Palace
  • Lunch