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Shore Excursion Positano and Ravello from Amalfi port

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Shore Excursions Positano and Ravello from Amalfi port

There are many words used to describe the Amalfi Coast but in truth there are no words that does justice to the myths of its natural beauty. Book now at our shore excursion from Amalfi port to Positano and Ravello- Live the emotions that only Positano and Ravello can offer. With us you will have a mesmerizing experience that will become part of your beautiful memories.

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Shore Excursions Positano and Ravello from Amalfi port

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    from 400€

    price varies by group size

    • Duration: 7-8 hours
    • Sorrento Coast
    • All year around
    • Taking safety measures


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    Shore Excursion Positano and Ravello in detail

    The shore excursion from Amalfi to Positano & Ravello has a duration of approximately 8-9 hours and includes the departure from the port of Amalfi, where you will be welcomed by our driver. Our comfortable luxury cars are equipped with all amenities. At the end of the day you will be driven back to the port in time for your departure. Amalfi, the starting point of the tour, carries on it’s shoulders the weight of a glorious past of profitable maritime trade with the East, even today in the architecture preserves the charm of the Arab world. Along the road that leads to Positano, guests can admire the breathtaking views of the coast. The first village you come to is Conca dei Marini. On the small peninsula that juts out from the coast, from there you can see the tower built in the sixteenth century in defence of Saracens attacks. The resort is now famous for the Emerald Grotto and the beautiful view overlooking the stunning coast.

    Positano - Shore Excursion from Amalfi Coast

    Furore follows with its fjord: a deep gorge carved out of the mountain by a creek that descends steeply from the plateau of Agerola. particularly the charming and picturesque glimpse of the few houses open onto a small beach. Among the rocky gorges over the centuries, they have found refuge from bandits. A few km from Positano is Praiano, famous seaside resort. Among the roofs of the houses stands the gleaming dome of St. Luke’s Church. Along the way you will notice a curious rock formation overlooking the sea called “the sculpture of the Virgin and Child”: in particular conditions of the rock’s light take on the appearance of a sacred composition. We can make small stops along the way so you can take photos, You can choose the view that will excite you more and create an unforgettable memory of this wonderful day.

    Positano Shore Excursion from Sorrento

    Positano:Elite Vacations

    Positano, unlike other Coast it shines its lights like a Pearl. Every aspect of this village helps to make it the most picturesque town of the Amalfi coast. The cubic shaped little houses and pastel tones, are so close they almost seem to support one another. The flights of stairs leading to the beach from above, will bring you across the church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its flamboyant majolica ceramic dome, and in another building of historical importance: the eighteenth-century Murat palace, now used as a hotel. But what could be more exciting than to get carried away by the colors, scents and atmosphere of this land! The famous “Positano sea” on display in the studio trying to preserve the craftsmanship of the creator, The colorful souvenirs will surprise you with their originality and then being captured by the delicious desserts: cakes and creams that highlight the pleasant freshness of citrus, If you want to buy a real artisan limoncello, just make sure that the ingredients are natural and don’t contain artificial flavourings. The stop in Positano will be around 2 hours. After this stage you can take a lunch break. If you like, our driver can advise you on the choice of restaurant depending on your budget, Taste culinary specialties that enhance the flavors of our land, or let yourself be intoxicated by the smell of the sea by focusing on the catch of the day and why not accompany the dishes with a nice local wine. After the break the shore excursion naples, salerno and sorrento continues. Retracing the coast, after crossing Amalfi, you will come across Atrani: a small fishing village, once home of the powerful Dogi. To reach RaveIlo the route continues uphill, The scheduled stop here is also around 2 hours.

    Ravello tour from naples

    RAVELLO: mystical oasis

    Ravello is one of the most renowned sites of the Amalfi Coast, famous for its natural beauty, its beautiful gardens and elegant architecture. A quiet place that offers many possibilities to a visitor. San Pantaleone Cathedral stands in the main square, San Pantaleone’s blood is contained in a bottle which liquefies every year on the anniversary of his martyrdom. Lovers of fine crafts can visit the nearby “coral museum.” Not to be missed for any reason the two wonderful villas Villa Rufolo & Villa Cimbrone. Villa Rufolo is the most famous monument of the city. From the entrance tower through a tree-lined street as you enter inside. Here you’ll find yourself in the fabulous garden: cascades of fragrant flowers and delicious colorful flowerbeds acts every year as a stunning backdrop to the Ravello Festival. Villa Cimbrone was created to amaze visitors: statues, shafts, capitals, fountains, columns and temples surrounded by lush vegetation. The entrance driveway leads to the so-called “terrace of the infinite” The Infinity Terrace. There in silence, hanging on the immensity of the sea, you will experience how strong and poignant emotion that one feels at being in front of the wonderful works of nature. The tour ends with the return to Amalfi. The poetry of the words gave way to the reality. History, nature and art, traditions, colours and flavours that create a fragrance that can wrap you and amaze you. Final touch the warm welcome given to you & every customer is special and it is always our pleasure to organize for you a memorable and special day from all aspects of the tour.

    Ravello - Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

    What's Included

    • Mercedes Air-conditioned vehicle
    • English speaking driver
    • All tolls
    • Parking
    • Petrol
    • Taxes
    • Entrance tickets
    • Lunch
    • Gratuity can be paid to the driver at your discretion.

    Notes & advice

    • The Itinerary for Shore Excursions Positano and Ravello from Amalfi port is totally flexible and can be changed to your requirements.
    • It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes as most of the streets are cobbled and inclined.
    • If visiting churches you may have to dress appropriately.
    • Please bring with you sunscreen and hat to avoid any sun burn.
    • All our Private cars have air-conditioning.
    • All our Private cars are fully insured.
    • All our Private Drivers Guide are native Italians that speak English and are very experienced and knowledgeable but they are not allowed to come with you in the Churches or ruins.
    • Our Private Drivers will be happy to recommend restaurants to suit your dining preference.
    • We reserve the right change the order in which we visit the sites.
    • This tour may be shortened depending on the traffic conditions and on your cruise ship schedule.
    • We always ensure we drop you off one and a half hours prior to your ship sailing
    from 400€

    price varies by group size

    • Duration: 7-8 hours
    • Sorrento Coast
    • All year around
    • Taking safety measures

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