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Shore excursion Salerno

The Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour is ideal for those who want to discover all the secrets and flavors of the Amalfi Coast and Surrentine Peninsula.
When we think about Italy, the first things that come to our mind are the goodness and flavors of our products. In this shore excursion you will learn about and taste our local products renowned all over the world.
Your private driver will welcome you at the port of Salerno with a sign with your name on it.
The tour will begin at 8 am and it will last about 9 hours.
The Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour will include the following: Olive Oil Factory, Wine Tasting, Pizza Making, Mozzarella Making, Limoncello Factory.

Your driver will take you along the hills of Sorrento where you will begin to admire the typical gardens of the area, full of lemon and orange groves, and of course, olive trees.

Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour – Olive Oil in Sorrento

Oil Tasting Gastronomic Tour Salerno

Extra virgin olive oil was born in an old oil mill, located up the hills of Sorrento, Italy, a land which is traditionally devoted to the cultivation of olives.
The factory we will be visiting is dedicated to the production of the best Italian olive oil, since 1849.

For more than a century, history has changed the technology, but what remains unchanged is the passion that the farmers devote to their oil and the quality of their products.

Among the most significant productions of the company, there are different varieties of oil that have won many awards for their culinary properties and their health.

After discovering how extra virgin olive oil is produced and tasting all kinds of oil that this small family-run factory produces, we will go to visit a winery.

Your private driver will take you to a local family wine cellar, where you can learn the whole process of wine making.

Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour: Wine Tasting Sorrento or Amalfi Coast

Wine Tasting Salerno shore excursion

The local wine cellar we will be visiting has been producing various types of wine for many years.

To be precise, the cellar dates back to the second half of the last century. During the Nineties., little restaurateurs in Sorrento and Positano bought this wine unlabelled to serve it as their own wine. In 1996, the cellar started to produce wine to send to the whole of the Campania region.

After the demonstration, there will be some tasting of various wines with some delicious Bruschetta, Salami, Cheese, Olives & Tarallucci.

Your Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour will continue on to a farm where they produce Mozzarella Cheese.

On route, your driver will stop at a couple of scenic spots: the Peninsula point, where you will admire both the bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast, and in another spot, the hills of Sorrento.

Salerno Gastronomic tour: Mozzarella Cheese in Sorrento

Gastronomic Tour Mozzarella from Salerno

The farm we visit on the Salerno Gastronimic Tour produces the famous Provolone del Monaco D.O.P. and mozzarella cheese.

With this tour, you will learn the whole process of cheese making, you will see with your own eyes how to make mozzarella and if you are interested, you can become a cheese maker for the day, by trying to create your own mozzarella with the help of professional cheese makers.
This factory also dries and seasons more than 1000 caciocavallos a year (our famous seasoned cheese). It’s a very enjoyable and unique experience.

The Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour will continue to the local pizza restaurant. Here, they use the mozzarella cheese from the farm we visited and they also use all fresh ingredients from their own garden.

Pizza Making Sorrento

Pizza Making Salerno
We will visit a family run restaurant where you will learn how to make pizza! This is a hands on experience and fun for all ages.
The pizza you will create with the help of the pizza chef will be your lunch.

Your Private Driver guide will drive you to the Limoncello factory.
Before you taste the limoncello, we will walk through the citrus groves “L’agrumeto”, one of the oldest gardens in the area, so you can admire and smell the scents of the lemon & orange trees.

Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour: Limoncello

Limoncello Tasting from Salerno Port
Limoncello is an Italian lemon liquor mainly produced in Southern Italy and often served by Italian restaurants after a meal as a digestive drink.

We will visit one of the most famous family run Limoncello factories of Sorrento, that also produces the traditional Rum Baba dessert, a classic Neapolitan cake.

After this delicious culinary experience, your private driver will take you to the port of Salerno in time to set sail.

The Shore Excursion Salerno Gastronomic tour from the port of Salerno can be changed to your wishes.
For example, you can add an ice cream class, and remove one of the other demonstrations.
For more information, please contact us.

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    Info of tour

    Duration: 9 hours

    Tour from Salerno port

    Start: 8.00 A.M.

    Available: all year round


    • Pizza Making for lunch
    • Mozzarella Making
    • Oil Tasting, wine tasting and Gelato Class
    • Air conditioned Mercedes car/van
    • English speaking driver
    • All tolls, tax, parking, gasoline