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The driver will greet you as you disembark from your ship at the Port of Salerno at 8.00am.
The driver will head in the direction of Positano and you will pass the base of the crater for the Vesuvius and on a clear day you be able to see the old path where the lava came down on the last eruption which was in 1944.


The Amalfi Drive is a famous Winding road with breathtaking views of the beautiful stretch of coastline on the Mediterranean where we will stop in a number of places giving you opportunities to take memorable photos.
UNESCO awarded the Amalfi Coast a well deserved spot on the World Heritage list in 1997.
From the Amalfi coast we will drive in the Center of Positano.
Positano – The very famous vertical village, the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, thanks to its picturesque landscapes.
We will drive you to the heart of Positano, where you can stroll through the narrow streets to the main beach passing by stylish boutiques, outdoor cafes and restaurants.
Positano has been featured in several movies including the very famous ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’.
Also very well known for the Linen, Handmade Sandals & Ceramics.
The church of Santa Maria Assunta is also worth visiting which features a dome made of Majolica tiles as well as the thirteenth century Byzantine icon of a black Madonna.
When you leave Positano the driver will head to Sorrento.


Sorrento is the birth place of the poet Torquato Tasso and the main square was named after him where the driver will stop so you can have time to enjoy the historical area which is full of quaint cobbled lanes and a church on every corner and a fantastic mix of designer and souvenir shops.
When you leave Sorrento the driver will head to Herculaneum.


This interesting archeological site of Herculaneum is often bypassed for the more glamorous Pompeii, but the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79 that buried Pompeii also submerged Herculaneum, preserving both settlements.
Probably the most famous of the well-preserved houses is Villa dei Papiri, the home of a rich and powerful Roman statesman, thought to be either Lucio Pisone, Julius Caesar’s father in law, or his son.
More than 50 marble and 20 bronze sculpture were found in the villa, together with an amazing collection of 1,700 greek and Roman papyri.
The villa and Roman the theatre can only be visited by advance booking.
Other highlight include the casa del Atrio Mosaico, with its beautifully preserved mosaic flooring.
from Herculaneum the driver will drive you back to the Cruise ship port of Salerno at 5 pm.

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